TALIS Survey 2013 (England)

The Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) is run by the OECD and is a large-scale international comparison study designed to increase the international information available to participating countries on teachers, teaching and the impact that teachers can have on student learning.

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TALIS Survey Management

Coming December 2011!

The TALIS administration system is designed for head teachers and school coordinators who have been selected to take part in the UK TALIS field trial.

Soon those that have been contacted can access the system by clicking the 'admin login' button on this page. Information and login details will have been sent to them.

Thank you for your interest in TALIS.

2013 survey information

TALIS in a nutshell

TALIS is the first international survey programme to focus on the learning environment and the working conditions of teachers in schools. It is a collaborative endeavour between governments, an International Consortium, the OECD and Teachers' Unions.

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What is it about?

The participating countries have decided the policy focus of TALIS 2013. The 2013 survey will continue in the direction set in TALIS 2008 and will investigate several areas.

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How is TALIS designed and delivered?

In each participating country a sample of schools will be selected. Within each sampled school, the headteacher and around 20 randomly selected classroom teachers will be invited to complete a questionnaire - online or on paper.

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What will we learn?

Each country will produce its own National Report; and the combined responses will contribute to a range of international reports. Reports from TALIS 2008 can be found at www.oecd.org/TALIS.

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